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About Us

The idea for Hydra Fenders was born on the water—literally.

Our founders, Trey and Tyler Jordan, are avid wakeboarders and water sports enthusiasts. They grew up with a passion for spending as much time as possible out on the water--even learning to kneeboard and ski before learning how to ride a bike.  As extreme water sports emerged and progressed, so too did their love for the boating lifestyle, each spending almost as much time out on the water as they did back on land.

After earning their degrees at Texas Tech and NYU, the brothers decided to go ahead and pursue their dream of creating their own innovative boat fender company. In all that time out on the water, they’d noticed a lot of great products for boaters—but none that truly allowed you to make your boat a unique reflection of yourself, while also providing the ultimate level of protection that is demanded by those who are constantly striving to push the limits of what is possible out on the water.  

After all, isn’t that what boating is really about? Being yourself, and showing off the toys you’ve worked long and hard to earn.  They learned from an early age that hard work pays off, and that standing out from the crowd on the water is a good thing.  That's why they decided to create an innovative Skull Boat Fender that allow like-minded boaters to customize the toys they have worked so hard to have, but also provide the ultimate level of protection to keep them in pristine condition at the same time.  

Making irreplaceable memories with your families and friends,  experiencing the unique pleasures that life on the water has to offer-this is what boating is truly about.  We believe that boating and spending your time out on the water is a lifestyle, and that to live a happy lifestyle you must be true and unique to yourself.  And that’s why Hydra Fenders was created: to give individuals the custom, innovative boating accessories that allow them to make their boats and lifestyles truly their own.

A Skull was born...

Hydra Fenders innovative boat fenders started off with a truly novel and entirely unprecedented style of boat fender: the Skull Boat Fender.  This revolutionary Skull Boat Fender is  uniquely designed to provide unparalleled protection for your boat while allowing you to express yourself according to your own personal style at the same time.  Our Hydra Fenders Skull Boat Fender is currently being offered in Classic White, Coal Black, Electric Green and Lava Orange colors.  So, the only question is: Which color will look best protecting your boat or watercraft?   

We’re not stopping there, though. In the coming months we will be coming out with a rockin' Fish Boat Fender that will be sure to lure your interest, so you better get ready!   

Our Customers Are Our Only Priority

Our mission is simple: to create the highest quality, longest lasting boat fenders for every kind of watercraft: fishing boats, sailboats, jet skis, wakeboarding boats, speed boats—no matter what type of boating you’re into, style and protection are paramount, and the Hydra Fenders innovative Skull Boat Fender is the only boat fender or boat bumper on the market that gives you both!

All of our custom boat fenders are made in the USA, from the highest quality marine grade materials. We stand behind everything we make with a 100% guarantee. If you ever have a question or concern, please don’t hesitate to call us or email us. We'll always do everything we can to ensure your satisfaction.