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Become A Retailer

Become A Custom Boat Fender Retailer

Welcome to HydraFenders—the leading provider of innovative, custom boat fenders and boat bumpers.

We are currently looking to expand our network of exclusive retailers. If you are interested in the opportunity to sell our unique, innovative boat fenders and boat bumpers, please contact our sales team, which can be reached through e-mail at sales@hydraboatfenders.com or by phone at 214-535-3552.  

Currently, our Skull Boat Fenders and Boat Bumpers are available in the following unique colors: Classic White, Coal Black, Electric Green, Lava Orange, True Blue, Purple Haze and Rouge Red. These custom Boat Fenders and custom Boat Bumpers are perfect for watercraft of all types--from fishing boats to yachts to wakeboarding boats and more.

All of our Skull Boat Fenders and Boat Bumpers are proudly made in the U.S.A. from the highest quality marine grade vinyl. Because we believe in providing incredible value to our customers, we design our fenders and bumpers to be as durable as they are stylish.  This means that our Skull Boat Fenders will last for years and years—thusly our retailers will benefit from satisfied customers, fewer returns and less customer service hassles.

In addition, these one-of-a-kind products will be sure to be an instant draw. As a Hydra Fender retailer, you’ll be positioned to carry a unique product line that none of your competitors have access to. That will really help you stand out in the marketplace!

About Hydra Boat Fenders

Our company is family owned and operated. The owners of HydraFender are wakeboarding fanatics who wanted to pursue a dream of owning their own boat accessory manufacturer. They created Hydra Boat Fenders to meet the need for custom boat fenders and bumpers and to help boating fans enjoy their time out on the water.

Learn more about HydraFenders and our unique custom boat fenders and boat bumpers by sending us an email. We look forward to hearing from you—thank you for visiting.